Our concept of art producing

We, Japan promotion, have for goal to protect traditional and local culture of Japan, and the purpose of a general development of arts, by a producing of Japanese artists in several events around the world.

Nowadays, Japanese arts and crafts, are deeply loved by the international wealthy collectors, and even by the fashion and interior industries. While the demand increases, the number of creators to inherit the old-fashioned skill and spirit (craftsmen and creators) is tending to get smaller. Our goal is to avoid the extinguishment of this unique culture of Japan, through the creation of opportunities for effective presentations and matchings in many markets of the country, and to let enjoy the world an exchange with this culture of peace. Finally, we wish to support the realization of a spiritually rich lifestyle.

Arts and crafts made by the finest skills and materials, contemporary art that take advantage of the Japanese aesthetic, accessories or tableware rearranged in a modern Japanese style, workshops where you can experience such as traditional games or calligraphy, stage shows like Kabuki or traditional Japanese music, regional cute mascot characters shows… we provide a high-quality Japanese content in response to every requests.