Our activities results

We have introduced the best Japanese artworks in major countries such as France (Paris), England (London), USA (NY), UAE (Dubai)… We are planning to develop our activity in many more countries.

Our partner art fairs
  • World Art Dubai

    World Art Dubai
  • Salon Art Shopping (Paris)

    Salon Art Shopping (Paris)
  • Art Expo NY

    Art Expo NY
  • Salon du Livre de Paris

    Salon du Livre de Paris
Management of the largest pavilions in World biggest Japanese Festivals
  • Japan Expo Paris

    Japan Expo Paris
  • Hyper Japan (London)

    Hyper Japan (London)
  • Japan Expo U.S.A.

    Japan Expo U.S.A.
Our partner galleries
  • Galerie Étienne de Causans

    Galerie Étienne de Causans
  • Galerie Hors-Champs

    Galerie Hors-Champs
  • Site 109 Gallery

    Site 109 Gallery
  • Rogue Space | Chelsea

    Rogue Space | Chelsea
  • Business contracts with the Japanese governmen and local governing bodies

    Under the « Cool Japan » policies developed by the Japanese Government, we support the promotion of Japanese tourism and the overseas activities expansion of local governing bodies.

  • Development of products taking advantage of traditional techniques

    We develop products by matching traditional crafts with popular characters. We produced collaborations such as « E-tsuke craftsman X Hello Kitty, Sanrio », « Watercolor painting X Mug cupprinting »…

  • Planning and production of promotional tools

    Our staff manage by themselves every thing necessary to a global development, from advertising to booth construction. We have staff able to translate into English or French, and interpreters.